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Representative Randy Hinshaw was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives on November 5, 2002. He previously served one term in the House from 1994-1998.

He and his second wife, Leslie, have five children: Anna, Alan-Michael, Jeremy, Whitney and Morgan, and are the grandparents of Kellen, Aiden, and Aubrey.

Representative Hinshaw received his A.S. Degree from John C. Calhoun College and Athens State University. He currently works as a Workforce Development Program Director.

He is a past member of the Madison County Mental Health Board and past vice president of the Northeast Huntsville Civic Association. Representative Hinshaw is a member of the Alabama New South Coalition and Alabama Democratic Conference.

In addition to his Standing Committee assignments, Representative Hinshaw also serves on the Joint Legislative Highway Committee representing the Fifth Congressional District.

State Representative Duwayne Bridges files complaint against Randy Hinshaw

2008 April 23 A Republican House member whose electronic voting machine was voted in his absence last week by a Madison County Democrat filed a formal complaint Tuesday with the House clerk. Rep. Duwayne Bridges, R-Valley, said he was on a job recruitment trip to China and Korea when the House passed a proposed constitutional amendment to remove the state sales tax on groceries. Bridges said he opposed the measure, even though the record showed him as voting for it. House Minority Leader Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, identified Rep. Randy Hinshaw, D-Meridianville, as voting Bridges' machine. On Tuesday, Bridges filed a dissent with House Clerk Greg Pappas, noting his opposition to the bill on the House's official journal. Good for Bridges. Hinshaw's actions were reprehensible and he effectively disenfranchised the citizens who elected Bridges, not Hinshaw, to represent them. Here's the analogy I like to use for this story… Imagine it's summer and Hinshaw's neighbors on either side of his house are taking a vacation. The neighbor to his left, we'll call him Richard, asks Hinshaw to watch his house for him while he is out of town. Hinshaw agrees to feed the dog, bring in the paper, etc. The other neighbor, we'll call him Duwayne, does not ask Hinshaw to watch his house. A couple of days into his vacation Duwayne realizes that he forgot to lock his front door. He's only in Guntersville so he decides to make a quick trip home to lock up. Upon arriving at his home he notices that someone has been eating his food and leaving potato chip crumbs all over his recliner. He hears some splashing outside and goes into the backyard and finds his neighbor, state representative Randy Hinshaw, doing a cannonball in his pool. In the real world Duwayne could call the police and have charges pressed against Hinshaw for his actions. However in the Alabama legislature people like Hinshaw gloat about their unethical behavior and thumb their collective noses at the people of Alabama because they don't think we'll do anything about it.

Randy Hinshaw Randy Hinshaw

Randy supported the Convention to Amend the Alabama State Constitution He was cosponsore of HJR 54. This would allow a convention to completed rewrite the Alabama Constitution.

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Alabama Constitutional Amendments on November 4, 2008.
Tim James explains problems with the two amendments to the Alabama Constitution. Alabama Constitution Amendments

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