New Hampshire Presidential Primary: February 9, 2016

The New Hampshire primary for Governor

New Hampshire Governor Candidates
New Hampshire Gubernatorial Candidates

State Primary: September 13, 2016

New Hampshire Governor Candidates Election Race for 2016

Demacrotic and Republican Governor Candidates

Jackie Cilley (D)
Mark Connolly (D)
Andrew Hosmer (D)
Chris Pappas (D)
Stefany Shaheen (D)
Colin Van Ostern (D)
Jeb Bradley (R)
Frank Edelblut (R)
Donnalee Lozeau (R)
Chris Sununu (R)
Jon Lavoie (Independent)

New Hampshire Congressional Candidates 2016 Republican and Democrat

Congressional candidates list for Districts 1 and 2.

District 1:
Kelly Ayotte (R)
Bill O’Brien (R)
Maggie Hassan (D)

District 2:
Annie Kuster (D)
Jack Flanagan (R)


History of New Hampshire. Information that every New Hampshire Governor and Congress Candidate Should Know

New Hampshire is commonly known as the Granite State, and of late years by some writers is called the Queen State - "Queen by right of her natural beauty; queen by her native hardy spirit; queen by her diversified industry; queen by reason of her motherhood of great men. She is enthroned on hills of granite, diademed with sparkling waters and sceptered with industry."

The state entertains annually over a million summer visitors who resort in the mountain, lake and seashore scenery. The soil is suitable for fruits, flowers and vegetables. The forests of pine, spruce and hard wood add beauty to the landscape and wealth to the land. Every New Hampshire Governor and election Congress Candidate should know this history.

The White Mountains are the natural feature which has the widest fame. New Hampshire bodies of water cover one hundred and fifteen thousand acres and vary from small ponds to Lake Winnipesaukee, which is twenty-two miles long and eight miles wide.

New Hampshire’s publicly-owned aerial tramway, the first erected to a mountain top in North America, is located in Franconia Notch near The Old Man of the Mountain.

No state grows apples of finer flavor than come from the hillsides of New Hampshire. Horticultural shows have no better exhibits than are presented from towns in the southern part of this state. Strawberries, blueberries, peaches and products of the garden are grown in great quantities and shipped hundreds of miles.

New Hampshire is also famous for her products made from the sap of the maple tree.

The state has a seaboard of about eighteen miles. Hampton and Rye beaches have been famous summer resorts since the days Whittier pitched his "tent on the beach." The salt waves of the Atlantic lap the sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky coast into one continuous pleasure ground, where surf bathing and scenic beauty enchant the visitor. In the early fall of 1915 a disastrous fire at Hampton Beach destroyed many of the hotels and places of business there, but the resort has since been rebuilt from the ruins until it is larger and more attractive than ever. The recreational area at Hampton Beach has greatly improved the appearance of that part of the coast. The state maintains a large public bath house and a parking area.

Among New Hampshire’s all-year, all-season recreation attractions, none are more popular than its winter sports. Mount Washington is the highest mountain east of the Rockies and north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Its privately-owned cog railway was the first mountain climbing railway in the world.

New Hampshire has some of the finest ski terrain in the east where the sport may be enjoyed well into July and August.

Portsmouth, the only sea city, has an historic past and a prosperous present with its large navy yard. New Castle is a place of romance and aesthetic beauty and adventure. A large part of the Isles of Shoals in Portsmouth harbor belongs to New Hampshire, with their cottages and hotels. Lobster fishermen find the Isles of Shoals and the New Hampshire coast favorable areas for taking this famous sea food. The state highways are as fine as any state can boast of and are kept in excellent driving condition the year round. New Hampshire is open to visitors, from the coast to the mountains, twelve months in the year.